Uzum launched its own media about bargain shopping and the basics of financial literacy

Uzum Media is an online magazine on how to spend money wisely and save efficiently using digital services. The authors of the magazine, experts from Uzum and other leading Uzbek companies use simple examples to help Uzbeks to save money and navigate through the huge range of goods on online shelves, multiply savings and keep card and account data safe.

On the website of Uzum Media you can find expert materials in Uzbek and Russian in three sections:

"Shopping" — how to choose what you need among hundreds of thousands of goods,

"Spending and Saving" — how to use fintech and banking services to save or afford a large purchase,

and "Security" — how to keep your data and money safe.

— Our goal is to make media about money and shopping: what to buy and how not to make a mistake, how not to become a victim of scammers and always be sure that your savings are safe. We engage leading Uzum experts to write our articles, and together with our readers, we select the best products, prepare reviews and do breakdowns. We tell the stories of those we trust and take comments from market leaders, — says Valeria Bulycheva, Uzum Media project manager. — It's important for us to give users the information they need to build the right relationship with the digital world.

Our experts are specialists of the national marketplace Uzum Market, employees of Kapitalbank, the largest private bank in the country, as well as digital bank Uzum Bank, experts of the platform for entrepreneurs Uzum Business and other leading companies in the country, specialists from government agencies and public organizations.