Uzum Market ranked as the most downloaded local app in Uzbekistan

January 17, 2024, Tashkent – Uzum Market ranked as the most popular local app in Uzbekistan in 2023, with over 13.5 million cumulative downloads registered over the last year. The domestic e-commerce champion has become a competitor to messenger and social media apps in Uzbekistan, the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Central Asia.

According to Uzum’s internal data and confirmed by statistics from mobile analytics services and app stores, the Uzum Market app was the most popular locally-based mobile app and the most popular e-commerce app in the country in 2023. The overall number of cumulative downloads is now broadly comparable with those recorded by the two app market leaders, Telegram and Instagram.

The app’s popularity reflects the rapid growth in demand for online shopping in Uzbekistan. In August 2023, the global professional services network KPMG estimated that the e-commerce market in Uzbekistan expanded more than fivefold over the past five years and was set to grow sevenfold to USD 2.2 billion between 2022 and 2027. This trend has been supported by government initiatives in the IT and digital spheres, the steady increase in internet users, and the emergence of major national players like Uzum Market – the only marketplace in the country boasting its own fintech solutions and logistics infrastructure.

Vyacheslav Karpov, CEO of Research Group CA, commented:
“Over the course of the last year, Uzum Market exhibited strong growth in terms of key user engagement metrics, backed by a steady increase in the adoption of online shopping across the country. Our research found that eight out of 10 residents in the country are now familiar with Uzum Market’s brand, while half of respondents have already placed at least one order via Uzum’s e-commerce platform.”

Djasur Djumaev, co-founder and CEO of Uzum, noted:
“In only one year, our team has succeeded in building an ecosystem of fintech and e-commerce services with over 10 million monthly active users. The Uzum Market app serves as the key entry point into Uzum’s broader ecosystem, which is transforming into a superapp. After placing an order, Market customers can apply for installment payment services provided by Uzum Nasiya in just one click – currently, almost half of the orders processed by the marketplace are paid via Uzum’s own installment service. Further, residents of Tashkent, Andijan and Fergana already have access to online food delivery services provided by Uzum Tezkor. We aim to provide a new customer experience by combining best-in-class digital services tailored to the needs of local consumers, all within one single place.”

Nikolay Seleznev, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Uzum, said:
“The mobile app market in Uzbekistan exhibits a strong growth profile in line with the country’s overall digitalization. According to a study by Sensor Tower, the number of app downloads in the country is expected to double between 2022 and 2027 and reach 1.8 billion, turning Uzbekistan into a leading app market in Central Asia. Given its scale and unmatched logistics infrastructure, Uzum Market has become a household name for e-commerce in the country, driving the digital transformation of the domestic retail and banking industry. We are implementing convenient payment methods through embedded financial services in the Uzum Market app, offering new services in response to changing customer habits, and supporting the digitalization of banking and fintech services in Uzbekistan.”

About Uzum: Uzum Group of Companies was founded in 2022 and currently develops a unique ecosystem of digital services in Uzbekistan. The group includes Uzum Market online marketplace with a wide range of products and fast delivery, Kapitalbank, the Uzum Nasiya installment payment service, as well as Uzum Bank digital bank. Every month, more than 10 million residents of Uzbekistan use the company's services.

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