New National Record: Uzbekistan's online marketplace,Uzum Market,processes over 1 million orders in July

Tashkent, Uzbekistan — August 1. Uzbekistan's leading online marketplace, Uzum Market, (part of Uzum digital ecosystem) set a national e-commerce record by delivering over 1 million orders across the country in a single month in July 2023.

The ground-breaking result was made possible by continuous investments of Uzum Market into developing the e-commerce infrastructure in the country ever since its launch. Today, the marketplace operates the largest logistics network in Uzbekistan with 230 order pickup points and courier delivery available in more than 60 cities and towns across all regions.

Uzum Market provides residents with convenient access to over half a million SKUs from more than 5,000 sellers with next-day delivery across the country. In less than a year since its launch, the marketplace has become the most popular shopping service in Uzbekistan, according to a survey conducted by Research Group Central Asia (IPSOS-accredited research agency).

"We are witnessing a significant change in the shopping habits of millions of Uzbekistan’s residents. Only a year ago, shopping was mostly associated with going to the bazaars but today, Uzum Market has firmly taken its place in the hearts and the smartphones of the ever-growing number of our users, as the primary destination for online shopping," says Roman Lavrentyev, Chief Operating Officer of Uzum Group. "Thanks to advanced digital technology and logistics infrastructure, Uzum Market empowers millions of people from every corner of the country to buy everything they need quickly and conveniently. It also fosters local entrepreneurship as we see tremendous interest in our platform from Uzbek businesses of all sizes. To cater to this growing demand from consumers and businesses alike, early next year we will launch the first phase of the largest logistics center in Uzbekistan, which will significantly increase Uzum Market's capacity and growth."

Last month, Uzum Market announced the start of construction of a new logistics center that will become the largest in Uzbekistan, covering approximately 150,000 square meters. By the end of this year, the marketplace also plans to expand its network of order pickup points to 400 locations across the country and further increase the range of goods available on Uzum Market to over 800,000 unique SKU.