Uzum launches automotive marketplace

Uzum Market has begun testing a new automotive marketplace. Available through the Uzum Avto storefront, the marketplace provides users with a selection of vehicles from trusted dealers, all of which are available for purchase.

As part of the Uzum ecosystem, Uzum Avto draws on the best features the ecosystem has to offer – including a potential reach of millions of loyal customers as well as fast and convenient payment services.

Uzum Avto is enhancing the quality of service for car buyers by ensuring the accuracy of advertisements displayed on the platform, particularly regarding car availability. This addresses a prevalent issue on the Uzbek car market that has been a widespread challenge for e-commerce platforms in the country. Uzum Market developed a solution by establishing its own infrastructure that guarantees the availability of products for buyers across its services.

Vehicles from dealers in Tashkent will be available during the test phase of the marketplace. In the future, Uzum Avto plans to expand its partner network to include sellers from all over the country, as well as to enable individuals to sell their cars through the marketplace.

Egor Abramets, Managing Director of Uzum Avto, said:
“We want to make the process of choosing and buying a car simple and convenient for residents in every region of Uzbekistan, and Uzum Market, which millions of people across the country know and love, is the best platform to make this happen. Uzum Avto checks the dealer’s documentation and is responsible for ensuring that all the vehicles for sale through our storefront are, in fact, available and that their description and photos are accurate. The next step is to provide buyers and sellers with convenient financial services to enable them to complete these kinds of large-scale purchases.”

When choosing a car, the buyer can contact the dealer directly in order to discuss the details of the transaction. In the future, Uzum Avto users will also be able to submit a loan application to one of the service’s partner banks and receive a pre-approved limit within 3–5 minutes. The buyer will thus be sure that the vehicle they selected is available, while the dealer can be sure that the potential buyer has the necessary funds to complete the purchase. The buyer will only have to complete the required paperwork at their bank and have the transaction notarized in conjunction with the dealer.

About Uzum

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